Brokerage & Acquisition

Aircraft Brokerage

In the midst of deadlines and daily obligations, few business individuals have the hours available to focus on the sale of their aircraft. Fortunately, Epps Aviation can make the process easy. With decades of professional experience in aircraft sales, Epps is your best option for aircraft brokerage.

Being knowledgeable about the market, our experienced sales specialists can accurately price and market your airplane. Epps Aircraft Sales uses industry subscribed services and platforms to broadcast your aircraft to the most effective market outlets. Our location at PDK airport in Atlanta, the second busiest airport in Georgia, gives your airplane exposure to both transient traffic and potential buyers.

Epps Aviation will handle all communications with prospective buyers in a timely and professional manner. As your personal representative, Epps will negotiate on your behalf until the sale is finalized and all paperwork is complete.

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Brokerage & Acquisition

Aircraft Aquisition

Epps Aviation has access to every plane currently on and off the market, additionally, Epps will solicit owners of the specific aircraft you are seeking. As a full service FBO and maintenance facility, we can arrange a pre-purchase inspection at our service center and assist in monitoring the inspection.

In addition, Epps can recommend professionals in aircraft lending and insurance that we have established relations with over the years. Epps will be there throughout the entire aircraft acquisition/sale process until all documentation and the closing is complete.

Finally, and most importantly, our sales specialists are invested in you. Epps will continue to provide exceptional customer support over a long term relationship, where you know your aircraft needs can always be met.