Epps to Sell New Hartzell 5-Blade Propeller

December 28, 2015

In November, Hartzell Propeller announced the debut of its five-blade composite swept tip prop. This new propeller, with blades certified for unlimited life, was created to maximize performance for the Pilatus PC-12 fleet by increasing takeoff, climb, and cruise functions.

According to Greg Allen, who specializes in aircraft maintenance as the Pilatus Maintenance Manager at Epps, "The prop is made of structural composite materials, allowing for a superior and more efficient blade design."

The updated carbon fiber composite is not only seven pounds lighter than the standard four-blade aluminum propeller, but is also lighter than alternative wood core five-blade propellers. What's more, this design is five to ten times stronger than beech and spruce wood core propellers. With stronger materials equating to thinner, wider airfoils, this ultimately results in optimized operations.

The 2016 model PC-12 NG will feature the five-blade, 105-inch diameter, composite propeller as standard equipment. In addition, these propellers are available immediately for the Pilatus PC-12 fleet of more than 1,300 business aircraft, which will offer owners, operators, or others in aviation even better performance and reliability to meet all of their air charter travel requirements.

Our fixed-base operator is proud to carry this latest model from the esteemed Hartzell Propeller. The five-blade prop is now available from Epps at a price of $83,640, less a $15,000 trade-in for the existing four-blade Hartzell prop installed as standard on PC-12 aircraft.

Learn more about Hartzell Propeller's plane services and the new five-blade technology.