Employee Spotlight: Megan Stewart, Front Desk Supervisor

December 04, 2015

Megan Stewart's job in aviation has allowed her to provide exemplary experience in plane services by being one of the first faces people see. We had the privilege of interviewing Megan and learning more about her daily experiences.

Epps Aviation: Are you originally from the Atlanta area?

Megan Stewart: I am an Atlanta native and grew up in a house right under the flight path for PDK. To me, it is a very natural and comforting sound to hear planes nearby.

EA: How long have you worked for Epps Aviation, and what is your role with the company?

MS: I have worked for Epps over the last four years at the fixed-base operator's front desk as a Customer Service Representative. I have recently been promoted to Front Desk Supervisor, so my education in aviation will continue as I venture into more responsibility.

EA: What is your favorite part about your aviation job and/or your work environment?

MS: I love the excitement of flight and all of the travel possibilities it provides. Aviation is always an adventure. With every flight there is a story of who, where, and why. I love these stories and the people behind them. I love the constant interaction with people and the unpredictability of each day. I love the people I work with and the family we are for one another.

EA: Describe the process of obtaining your pilot's license, and how that is progressing for you.

MS: I am currently pursuing a private pilot's license, which I have been steadily working on since 2014. It has been a lesson in perseverance with many setbacks and obstacles. I am still working at it and getting closer and closer to my check-ride every day!

EA: What restaurant(s) in Atlanta do you like to recommend to pilots who are visiting?

MS: As a child, the 57th Fighter Group restaurant at PDK was always one of my favorites. I used to love sitting next to the large plate-glass windows and watching the planes taxi by, wondering who they were and where they were going. Nowadays as I taxi by the 57th, I smile each time, thinking of all of the times I was on the other side of those windows looking out. Now I'm the one in the plane and heading somewhere fun!