Employee Spotlight: Luke Leonard, Pilatus Sales Associate

February 25, 2016

Employee Spotlight: Luke Leonard, Pilatus Sales Associate

Luke Leonard is a former intern and new full-time addition to our Aircraft Sales office. We recently had the opportunity to interview him and learn a little more about his background and experience in the plane services industry.

Epps Aviation: What is your current role at our fixed-base operation?

Luke Leonard: My title is Sales Associate because I lend a helping hand in the Pilatus sales department. I am learning a fantastic amount from Scott, Sean, and Marian, and I hope to continue learning more with regards to aircraft sales.

I do a lot of background work, including report creation, spec sheet design, market research, and overall coordination. I am always willing and ready to help anyone who has a need.

EA: Tell us a bit about your educational background.

LL: I attended Georgia Tech, where I graduated with a degree in Business Administration. While I was finishing my degree in 2015, I held a part-time internship at Epps that transitioned into a full-time aviation job at the start of this year.

EA: How did you become interested in the field of aviation?

LL: I've wanted to fly and be a part of aviation for as long as I can remember! Aside from my grandfather taking a few flying lessons when he was younger, no one in my family is involved in aviation. In that way, I believe I was born with the desire to be a pioneer in my family.

EA: Describe your favorite component of the Pilatus aircraft.

LL: I really love the versatility! It's truly phenomenal to be in a comfortable and luxurious business jet with the option and ability of landing in remote areas and unpaved strips.

We landed on a small grass strip one time with some clients, and I think I was even more impressed than they were, it is definitely a huge selling point! Outside of the product itself, I feel that Pilatus is a very organized and safety-conscious company, and those are always important qualities to uphold.

EA: What do you like best about your work environment?

LL: I love that everyone is enthusiastic about aviation, and that they're all willing to go the extra mile to make sure things are done correctly and to the customers' satisfaction.

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