Employee Spotlight: Doug Harman, Chief Pilot

December 18, 2015

Doug Harman has worked for Epps Aviation for nearly a decade, serving in a few different roles before settling into his current position as Chief Pilot. We recently had the opportunity to interview Doug regarding his background in plane services and the responsibilities of his aviation job.

Epps Aviation: How did your interest in the field of aviation develop?

Doug Harman: As a child I was always interested in aviation, but because I didn't have any friends or family in the business, it never seemed realistic for me to pursue it. Following college I worked for years in my field of Psychology, and it was then I realized if I ever wanted to pursue my passion, now was the time. I was finally able to gain traction at the airlines, which eventually led me to Epps. I have been happy to call this company home ever since.

EA: Describe your work history with our fixed-base operator.

DH: I just passed my ninth year of employment at Epps, and have been in the role of Chief Pilot for six months now. Prior to that, I was Captain in the BE20, PC12, and LJ35. I also served as the Company Flight Instructor and Check Airman in the BE20.

I ensure regulatory compliance for our aircraft, pilots, and pilot training, meanwhile striving to ensure that our Charter Department is a leader in safety, customer service, and efficiency.

EA: What do you most enjoy about working for Epps Aviation?

DH: It feels like home. The Epps family has found a way to capture that lightning in a bottle; I can't explain or define it, but I felt it almost instantly.

EA: What do you consider the greatest challenge of your job in aviation?

DH: I am most challenged by the fact that to get anything done, I have to rely on the collaboration of many others. Along with that, there is the challenge of having situational awareness of the entire operation at all times.

EA: What do you like to do in your time outside of work?

DH: I like to walk and ride around in nature - and occasionally climb things - with my family and friends. Music is also a priority for me, and I try to make time to read, as well.