Employee Spotlight: Brothers Zack and Alex Pruitt

February 23, 2016

Employee Spotlight: Brothers Zack and Alex Pruitt

Brothers Zack and Alex Pruitt grew up in Snellville, Georgia, around twenty minutes east of metro Atlanta. A family legacy in aviation helped develop their early love of the plane services industry. Epps Aviation had the privilege of interviewing the Pruitts recently, where we learned about their jobs in aviation and more.

Epps Aviation: Tell us about the role you play at our fixed-base operation.

Zack Pruitt: Alex and I both work the Line. Depending on the day, we could be towing, fueling, or helping with customer service on the ramp.

Alex Pruitt: I started my aviation job with Epps in April 2014, while Zack joined the crew in August 2015.

EA: Was aviation a part of your upbringing?

ZP: It definitely was. Our grandfather, Jack Keahey, and our uncle, Joe Keahey, are both professional pilots. Our grandfather actually flew for Epps early in his career, but he_s retired now. Our uncle still flies for Georgia Pacific out of Fulton County Airport.

EA: How did your interest in aviation develop?

AP: I've always known I wanted to be a pilot, especially since aviation was such a big part of our family. When I was in high school, I took an aviation class that helped further my knowledge. At age 19, I started working Line Service in Lawrenceville, Georgia while attending college. Now, at 24, I'm still working Line Service and about to graduate with a business degree. Once my degree is completed, I_d like to start working towards being a professional pilot.

ZP: I've always had an interest in aviation. Since my uncle and grandfather were both pilots, I knew it was a possibility I_d get into the industry myself. At age 18, my brother got me a job at the Lawrenceville Airport. Now, I'm 21 and halfway through earning my Bachelor_s in Accounting. I still love everything about aviation and working here at Epps. I'm also hoping to start flying soon so I can begin my journey into a career I know I_ll enjoy throughout my life.

EA: What do you like best about working at Epps?

AP: My favorite thing about Epps is the atmosphere. There is a lot of history here, and there is a lot of room to develop.

ZP: My favorite thing is that we_re a family. Everyone at our FBO enjoys what they do and it creates a great work environment.

EA: What is your favorite part about working with your brother?

AP: We work well together, and we can almost predict what the other one is going to do. Some people may not like that we work together, though, because they have a hard time telling us apart. We do look very similar, but we_re not twins.

ZP: What I like best about working with Alex is getting to do something we both enjoy together. We have very similar interests and we have a strong bond that allows us to tolerate working with each other four days out of every week.

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